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​2016 Analytics Insights Conference

​Miami, Florida

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12 July 2016 - 14 July 2016
Aon Benfield’s 11th Annual Analytics Insights Conference shared more innovations and opportunities than ever before. During the conference, we discussed big data pricing and underwriting innovations, global viral forecasting and pandemic modeling, our next generation analytics platform - ABEnterprise, the latest in catastrophe modeling, rating agency and regulatory trends, actuarial advances, and opportunities in flood.

To learn more about the conference, please contact Shelby Anderson at


​​General Sessions  
​Key Note Speaker: Metabiota - Nathan Wolfe ​Presentation will be
posted soon​!
​Analytics Insights Conference Opening Remarks - Greg Heerde ​​
​Riding the Innovation Wave - Paul Mang ​​
Key Industry Trends​ - Andy Marcell
​Big Data Pricing and Underwriting Innovations - Steve Fiete & Stuart Romm
​A.M. Best's Updated Credit Rating Methodology & Capital Model - Matt Mosher ​​Contact Pat Matthews for more information
​Webcast: Professionalism Topics for Actuaries - Dan Greer
​ABEnterprise: Aon Benfield's Next Generation Analytics Platform - Doug Olson  ​​
​Modeling Firms Comparison Panel - Dan Dick, Siamark Daneshvaran, Cagdas Kafali, Tom Sabbatelli, David Smith ​​Contact Dan Dick for
more information
​Flood Opportunity Panel - Neal Reeves, Dan Dick, John Dickson,
Freddy Millan, & Bill Fleischhacker
​​Breakout Sessions ​​​
Actuarial and ERM​
​Adverse Reserve Development and the Underwriting Cycle - Adam Troyer
​A Holistic Risk-Adjusted Profitability Framework - Adam Troyer
​​​Insurance Industry Outlook and Peer Comparison Insights - Parr Schoolman & Paul Eaton
​The Future of ReMetrica® - Irfan Akhtar & Mike McClane
Big Data
​Demystifying Machine Learning - Stuart Romm
​Finding Innovation in Chaos - Kelly Superczynski & Sandra Badaraite ​​
​Innovative Analytics: Living with Testable Predictions - Steve Fiete
Focus on Florida
​​Finding Growth Using the Hurricane Viewing Guide - Paul Eaton & Dan Hartung Contact Dan Hartung for more information
​Investigating the Storm Surge and Inland Flood Models​ - Katie Carter & ​Megan Hart ​​Contact Katie Carter for more information​
​Focus on Latin America
​Chile Earthquake Model Benchmarking - Keith Lawler &
​Daniela Barraza-Raynor
Contact Keith Lawler for more information
​NEW! Impact Forecasting’s Brazil Inland Flood Model - Will Skinner ​Contact Will Skinner for more information
Profitable Growth
​Cyber Risk: Going Viral? - Jonathan Laux, Craig Kerman, Meredith White, & Mark Lynch Contact Jonathan Laux for more information
​​Grow Your Core Business Profitably with CatScoreTM - Bob Fox & Steve Fiete
​Leveraging Reinsurance Capital to Grow with CatMetricaTM - Paul Eaton & Deanne Kassulke
​Monitor Capacity Allocation and Test Scenarios with ABEnterpriseTM - Liz Henderson & Alok Bhattacharya
​Why is Flood Insurable? - Neal Reeves & Dan Dick ​Contact Neal Reeves for more information
Other Topics
​​Deep Dive into Stochastic BCAR - Patrick Matthews & Kathleen Armstrong
​M&A: Where are the Reinsurers? - Mike McClane
​The Prescription for Chronic Severe Thunderstorm Loss Pain - Paul Eaton & Daniel Hartung ​Contact Daniel Hartung for more information
Ten-Minute Teasers
​Autonomous Vehicles: Closer than They Appear - Michael Sobolewski
​Hurricane Deductibles - Are They Really Good for Insurers? - Bob Fox
​Modeling Cyber Risk with CyberMetrica - Craig Kerman Contact Craig Kerman​ for more information
​Real Time Data Feedback for Product Managers - Alok Bhattacharya
​ReMetrica® Version 7 - Mike McClane
​The Future of Data Visualization - Doug Olson ​Contact Doug Olson​ for
more information
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